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  Listen Live - Butte County Public Safety Scanner

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  In the event of a wildfire tune to your local emergency information station:

  • Yankee Hill - AM 1630
  • Paradise - AM 1500
  • Upper Ridge - AM 1460
  • Berry Creek - AM 1250

These low frequency stations are part of Butte County Office of Emergency Services Emergency Broadcast System.

Radio Frequencies

Chico City Police &nbsp
Channel 1 Dispatch 154.875
Channel 2 (monitored only during special events) 154.040
Tactical 1 155.700
Tactical 2 158.955
Calcord 156.075
Channel 11 - "The Top" 155.475
Clemars 154.920
CSUC Police 153.740
Chico City Fire &nbsp
Dispatch (Blue) 453.750
Tactical (Yellow) 453.550
Mobile Extender 153.830
Fire Station Locations
  • Station 1 - South Chico (Downtown)
  • Station 2 - Central Chico
  • Station 3 - Northeast Chico (Airport)
  • Station 4 - Southeast Chico (Notre Dame Ave.)
  • Station 5 - East Chico (Upper Bidwell Park)
  • Station 6 - Northwest Chico (Hwy 32 & East Ave.)
Paradise City Police &nbsp
Dispatch 155.715
Clemars 154.920
Channel 6 (Good for some chatter) 159.210
Calcord 156.075
Paradise City Fire &nbsp
Dispatch 153.950
See County CalFire for Tacticals &nbps
Oroville City Police &nbsp
Dispatch 154.785
Channel 2 155.760
Tactical 155.580
Medics 155.280
Oroville City Fire &nbsp
See CalFire as CalFire handles fire duties &nbsp
Butte County Sheriff &nbsp
Dispatch 154.725
Secondary (Channel 10) 155.940
Channel 2 (Primary Deputy Tac Channel) 155.910
Clemars (Also used for Mutual Aid) 154.920
NALEMARS 155.475
CalCord 156.075
Interagency 45.920
Butte County Search & Rescue &nbsp
Channel 10 155.940
NASAR 155.160
CalFire - Butte County &nbsp
Local Net 151.400
County Net 154.190
Butte Support 154.415
Oroville Fire Net 153.815
Gridley Fire Net 154.310
CalFire Tactical 5 151.250
CalFire Tactical 9 151.385
CalFire Tactical 11 151.450
CalFire Tactical 12 151.460
White 1 154.280
White 2 154.265
White 3 154.295
CalFire Commands &nbsp
Command 1 (Bloomer) 151.355
Command 2 (Bloomer) 151.265
Air Attack &nbsp
Air to Ground 151.220
AirTac1 166.675
AirTac2 169.150
AirTac3 169.200
AirTac4 151.280
AirTac5 151.295
AirTac6 151.310
Air Guard 151.310
Calcord 156.075
Plumas U.S. Forest Service 170.550
Chico CHP (Covers Chico, Paradise, Magalia, Oroville) 42.500
CHP to Enloe Flight Care 122.025
Local Aviation (Only monitored when fire activity is slow) &nbsp
Enloe Flight Care 460.675
Chico Tower (Approaching and Departing Aircraft) 121.000
Chico Ground (Departure Clearance & Taxiing Operations) 121.900
Chico Unicom 122.950
Paradise Airport 122.800
Oroville Airport 122.800

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Johnny Casper

Have you ever tried to get rid of Scotch broom?

Yes, for the past four years.

Why were you worried about the plant?

Because it takes over and is really invasive. We've seen it take over land around Concow Lake and along our gravel road. When we learned that it burns as hot as gasoline, we decided we didn't want it anywhere near our home.

What has your experience removing broom been like?

We started pulling it in our neighborhood four years ago. The parent plants were about three feet tall and growing in an area about 30 by 10 feet. We cut them off at the stem, below the surface of the soil. This did kill the plants, however the seedlings kept coming back.

Every spring for the past three years we'd pull the baby seedlings --which grew anywhere from four inches to two feet tall -- by hand. We'd do this while the soil was moist and then we put the pulled seedlings in the trash and threw them away.

How important is education about broom?

It's really important.

I had a neighbor who planted two broom plants next to their deck. They had no idea what a fire hazard the plants were or how they could spread and take over an area.

Education is really important to preventing this plant from taking over our neighborhoods.

I plan on pulling up a broom plant and using it as a sample at our road association meeting.

The important thing is that we recognize what a problem this plant is and work together to get rid of it.