6th Grade Education Program

The 6th grade "Wildfire in the Foothills" program is based on 5 concept lessons:

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Concept of Lesson 1:"Living in the California foothills, you are annually at risk to wildfire. The damage and destruction caused by these fires can be devastating. It is important to understand the role fire has in the foothills and how it travels. Through this understanding steps can be taken to prevent loss of human life, property and wildlife." (from "Living in the Foothills," Natural Resources Conservation Service publication, 2004)

Concept of Lesson 2:Residents living in the foothills are responsible for reducing fire risks on their own property.

Concept of Lesson 3:Local, state and national agencies have plans to help residents to prepare for a wildland-urban interface fire before it happens. All family members must understand and be ready to use community wildland fire disaster plans.

Concept of Lesson 4:A family disaster plan is vital to surviving a wildland fire. When the family writes its plan, the community plan should be considered. These plans should work together. If it becomes necessary to act on these plans, each family member should be prepared to respond in an age—appropriate manner.

Concept of Lesson 5:Residents, community groups and public agencies all play important roles during planning, surviving and recovering from a wildland fire. "Wildfire in the Foothills" curriculum was designed to be adapted for other foothill communities. If you are interested in adapting the curriculum for use in your community please contact us.

Program History

In order to help students be prepared for wildfire the Butte County Fire Safe Council through partnerships developed a Sixth Grade Curriculum titled "Wildfire in the Foothills" in 2004. The 2004 pilot program was incredibly successful with outreach to 90 6th grade students in the Paradise Unified School District which includes both Paradise and the Upper Ridge. The Program built on that success in 2005 with outreach to 490 6th grade students in Paradise Unified School District. This program is also being offered to 95 students in the Golden Feather School District.

The program addresses state curriculum requirements, provides teachers with in-service credits and comes as a complete package which requires no extra preparation work for teachers. The program focuses on the three R's: relationships, relevance and rigor and aims to teach lasting life lessons about wildland fire.

The Program's development was funded through Butte County Title III HR2389 funds, UC Davis Renewable Resources Extension Act Project Grant and is supported by donations from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sierra Preservation Partners LLC and Wal-Mart.

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